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Works of art that warm the house

ART FACTORY Custom Radiators: A Work of Art That Heats Your Home

The Innovation of Art Factory Radiators: Design and Functionality

Radiators are no longer just a necessary element for heating the house, but they become a real furnishing accessory thanks to the customization of Art Factory. Both in vertical and horizontal versions, the Steel plate radiators are transformed into works of art thanks to the introduction of films printed with graphics by great masters such as Klimt, Fontana, Kandinsky, Pollock and many others.

Art that joins technology: the three-dimensional effect

Inserted on the surface of the radiator and on the edges, the films create an image of a real painting with lots of thickness at the edges, where the image continues without gaps with respect to the front of the radiator, giving a sense of three-dimensionality fantastic.

The Versatility of Finishes: From the Blackboard to the Mirror

Finishes are not just about the world of art. We move from blackboard films, ideal for the kitchen or places where you can take notes, to finishes with afull-length mirror, which allows you to enlarge the rooms and look at yourself in the mirror with comfort.

Magnetic Covers: A Revolution in Radiator Aesthetics

Innovation doesn't stop: Art Factory introduces Magnetic Covers, a true revolution in radiator design. These allow you to change the aesthetics of the radiator with new graphics whenever you want, offering the possibility of personalizing your environment based on changes in furnishings.

The Advantages of ART FACTORY Custom Radiators

Choosing ART FACTORY customized radiators means making your home unique, transforming it into a sort of art gallery. In addition to aesthetic beauty, ART FACTORY customized radiators offer high thermal efficiency, combining design and functionality.


The TMR THERMO MATERIC RADIATORS films represent another great innovation from Art Factory. These films, in addition to having a great aesthetic impact, present a tactile return under the fingertip, simulating the material they visually represent, such as leather, wood, briar, marble, carbon, satin steel, copper, gold , silver, bronze and many others.

The Deco-Warm Service: When Professionalism Makes the Difference

Choosing the ideal radiator is never easy, but with the help of professionals like Deco-Warm, purchasing a radiator becomes a pleasant and rewarding experience. Deco-Warm offers a complete service, which includes consultancy and the proposal of customized solutions based on customer needs.

The pleasure of having a single radiator

In conclusion, choosing a customized ART FACTORY radiator means choosing a unique product, which reflects your tastes and needs. And' an experience that goes beyond the purchase of a simple piece of furniture, turning into a real journey into the world of art and design.

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